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Research activities


Departmental research focuses on business-to-consumer markets and business-to-business markets.


Research in Business-to-Consumer management addresses strategic issues of marketing management, consumer behavior and customer relations management in retail, services and consumer goods sectors as well as issues of internationalization and international marketing. Research in Busines-to-Business management deals with implementations of strategic marketing, customer orientation of enterprises and employees, as well as distribution management and personal selling.


Research projects prioritize issues that are both relevant for theory as well as for enterprises. Issues are not only analyzed theoretically but empirically using state-of-the-art methodologies. Empirical studies not only collect data by surveys but also analyze data from enterprises (e.g. sales data) or service providers (e.g. panel data). Of particular note is the marketing lab at the department where comprehensive and complex experiments can be run. These data provisions support simulations and forecasts of human and organizational behavior as well as marketing decisions.

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